While the wedding landscape and customs may have changed a lot (even if you just look at the last couple of decades), the truth is that there are things that will never change. They will always be important for the smooth planning of such a hugely important event.

·       For instance, Save the Dates are still incredibly crucial for brides and grooms who want to ensure their guests will actually be there for them on the Big Day. Why, more exactly, are these cards still such a big deal when planning a wedding? Read on and find out more.

·       They are important because it’s only polite. After all, most of your guests will have to travel for your wedding (and some of them might even have to travel a long way to be there for you). It’s only nice and polite to let them know that they are invited as soon as you have a wedding guest list ready.

·       They are important because they increase the number of guests who RSVP “Yes”. The more time the guests have to make any necessary arrangements, the more likely it is that they will be able to share the joy of your wedding with you.

·       They are important because they allow you to share a lot of info – including tips you might not want to include on the wedding invitations themselves. As an example, your Save the Dates are a great option if you want to share your wedding website with the guests.

·       They are important because they allow you to share engagement photos. You have hired a photographer, and probably even did your hair and makeup professionally for this special photo shooting in your life. It’s only natural to want to share them with the world – and your Save the Dates are a really wonderful way to do it!

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Photo credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography