Your wedding is bound to be the most special and amazing moment of your life. Irreplaceable and once-in-a-lifetime, your wedding should be just like you and your love story are: unique, personal and full of candor and love.

Obviously, every detail of the Big Day will make a huge difference when it comes to the final result. For example, have you decided which reception table style fits your wedding? If not, here are some ideas to consider:

·       Classic and timeless wedding. Are you the kind of bride who wants a wedding torn out of fairytales? Do you want your wedding to be beautiful, soft and filled with amazing warmth? Round tables can do this for you! These tables work marvelously with pastel and nude colors, but they can look just as beautiful with a brighter color palette too.

·       Contemporary and unique. If you are the type of couple who wants their wedding to be filled with contemporary touches, search for square tables. Sometimes, they may appear too rigid for such an event – but the truth is that they can be gorgeously transformed when the right colors and table décor elements are chosen.

·       Party-oriented and fun. Planning a wedding reception that will keep guests on the dance floor? Then encourage them to stay as close as possible to the center of the entire venue by placing a few tall, cocktail tables around it. They will look amazing!

Ma Maison is a wedding venue focused on beauty, elegance and absolute grace. Combining elements of the Southern welcoming style and of the French refinement, our venue is here to help you have a truly amazing wedding day. Contact us, come visit us yourself and allow us to be part of the most superb day of your life!