Although Pokémon Go can be a fun game, the truth is that a wedding shouldn’t be the place to spend time and hunt for little virtual creatures. Unfortunately though, your Big Day can very easily turn into a disaster if people get to spend too much time gaming and not enough having fun with you and the rest of your guests.

How to keep Pokémon Go from ruining your wedding? We have some etiquette tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       First of all, put up signs and remind people they should respect the uniqueness of this special moment in your life (and thus, avoid spending too much time on their smartphones in general).

·       Furthermore, you always have the option of having an unplugged wedding. If you want to prevent your guests from using gadgets for any kind of purpose (even for sharing photos on the social media), simply let all of them know this is going to be a completely gadget-free event.

·       Enrolling help can also be more than beneficial. If you see one or two of your guests being a little too excited about the Pokémon, ask your bridesmaids or someone close to you to simply remind them that they are at a wedding. After all, your guests are there because they have chosen to spend their time celebrating your love story – so they will definitely want to show respect towards the event itself.

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Photo credit: Debra Gulbas Photography