Summer weddings are so popular for a very good reason – they can be absolutely unforgettable. It is a proven fact that most people feel happier and more energized during the warm seasons – and with so many delicious foods and amazing blooms surrounding us all, it can be truly difficult to say “no” to a summer wedding.

How to stay cool at your summer wedding ? How to make sure the adverse effects of the sunlight don’t reach you, or your guests? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

·       Shade and hydration. Providing people with shading options (trees, parasols, etc.) and refreshments is not “just” about their comfort. It is about their safety. The last thing you want is anyone getting sick due to the high temperatures – so be sure to offer everyone with water, refreshing beverages and plenty of shade.

·       Fans. Sure, fans will not actually lower the temperature outside – but they are a great way to ensure guests are comfortable during the ceremony. And, if you want to make this a bit more unique, design wedding programs that can double as fans (or simply attach fans to the programs, to make sure everyone has one).

·       Get casual. Very elegant weddings are really beautiful – but, given the high temperatures outside, you might want to re-consider the idea of having an outdoor black tie event. In fact, keeping it casual will keep it comfortable for your guests from a thermic point of view too – so it’s an option you should at least think of.

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Photo credit: Katherine O’Brien