Your mom is the amazing woman that gave you birth, raised you up and taught you how to be an amazing woman in your turn – so having a Mother’s Day wedding is a truly great idea if you want to make her feel really special.

How do you plan such a wedding? How do you make it about your mother in an elegant and sentimental way? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on to find out more.

·       Your Matron of Honor. Of course, you are free to choose whoever you want for this special role at your wedding. But having your mother be the Matron of Honor is an option you should definitely consider if you want to make her feel really important in your life.

·       Your walk down the aisle. Not only is this customary in some cultures (e.g. in Jewish weddings), but it is more than recommended that you invite your mom to walk you down the aisle together with your father (or just by herself). This is a very touchy moment in your life and your mom will be more than proud to be part of it.

·       Your wedding speeches. Who else knows you better than your own mom? We bet she could give a very emotional speech at your wedding. Ask her to do this and you will definitely not regret it! Plus, it will make her feel so special, being in the spotlight and sharing her warm wishes with you and all of your guests!

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