True love needs nothing else than itself – it doesn’t need fancy parties or expensive jewelry, it doesn’t need ultra-luxurious honeymoons and it doesn’t need anything else than respect and commitment. And while you definitely want to celebrate your amazing love story every single day and minute of your life, there will also be very special anniversaries you’ll want to mark in a more spectacular way.

Of course, your vow renewal is among these unique events in your life – and you will definitely want to make the most of it, even if you don’t plan something as elegant or as festive as an actual wedding. How to include your children in the vow renewal, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

·       Shoot amazing photos with them. Regardless of how young or old your kids may be, they will be more than happy to participate with you in a special photo shooting to remind you of this amazing event in your life. These photos will be filled with emotion, beauty and candor – so you will always cherish them!

·       Invite them to be attendants. Very young children can be Ring Bearers or Flower Girls, while older children can be Junior Bridesmaids or Junior Groomsmen. No matter what special “attending roles” you may choose for your precious ones, it will definitely make them feel truly important in your life!

·       Ask them to help out. It doesn’t matter what age they are – your kids can and will be glad to help! From licking stamps for the invitations to actually coming with you and helping you plan the event, they will be genuinely interested in lending you a helpful hand – so why not ask them to be part of this?

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Photo credit:  Mint Photography