Your love story is unique. You, as a couple, are unique. Everything you dream about is also unique – so why wouldn’t your wedding day be less special than what defines you? Every single detail of the Big Day should be carefully chosen, so that you add your own personality every step of the way – and your ceremony is most definitely one of the parts where you really want to feel that everything is truly yours.

How to create a wedding ceremony aisle that’s unique? Here are some amazing tips to inspire you:

·       First and foremost, talk to your venue manager. Depending on the venue, everyone might have their own requirements as to what is and what isn’t allowed in terms of décor. Just to make sure, talk to the people who manage your wedding ceremony site and keep your ceremony within the rules.

·       The overall setup makes a whole lot of difference. Sure, your actual aisle does matter a lot – but before you look into the ways in which you could personalize it, make sure your setup is perfect too. Think of the chairs, their arrangements, the lighting and all the other details that will embrace your aisle in a beautiful way.

·       Customize your aisle runner. Flower petals may have been very popular until not very long ago – but with so many people using them, it has become rather cliché to have them at your wedding ceremony. Instead, though, you could think of something far more unique – such as an aisle runner personalized with the important milestones in your relationship, or with your favorite quote.

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Photo credit: The Mill Photography