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Thanksgiving came and went, and maybe you weren’t proposed to. Christmas is next on the Engagement Season list, and statistically, 1 in 5 engagements happen within December. That is 18% of all engagements, the highest percentage followed by 10% in February.  So here are a few ideas to keep in mind to prepare for an engagement as well as the next steps after you have accepted that rock.

Remember that manicure I talked about when you thought you were getting a ring for Thanksgiving, yes still do that! I mean, you’ll want your nails to look Christmas ready anyway right?  Also, if your hands get cracked in the dry, cold weather, lather up on the lotion, especially the left hand as it will be the center stage in every Instagrammed photo.

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Now that you have prepared for the moment and you have said “Yes!” what to do next? After you have shared the good news with your closest friends and family, it is time to get down to business. If you had an idea that the engagement was coming, chances are you have at least started a Pinterest Board. Take a peek back through those pins to nail down a design idea you are envisioning for your wedding day. Earlier this month, Pantone announced the color of 2018 to be Ultra Violet, so you will see plenty of deep and dark purple colored weddings to match the trend. No worries if the color makes you break out in hives, there are plenty of other gorgeous color combos that can be created to fit your wedding vision.

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Once you and your fiancé have discussed the style of your big day, it is time to talk about the nitty-gritty, budget. What is the amount that the two of you want to stick to? Is the budget flexible or hard-set? Will either of your parents or family members be helping you pay for the wedding? These are some of the questions that you will need answered to see what vendors you can afford to hire. One of the next topics that will need to be discussed is the guest count. The best way to keep your budget within the limits is to not invite your mom’s great-aunt’s stepson that you have spoken two words to in the past five years just out of obligation to your mom.  Set a standard to keep the guest list in check to ensure that your budget doesn’t get out of hand. Lastly, seasons and wedding dates! Chit-chat about a season or month you’d like to say the “I do’s!”. Make sure you have a few backups just in case. Couples are booking venues with at least a year/year and a half in advance.

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After you have had some serious discussions, it is time for the vendor selection. The venue is a significant vendor you may need to book first, however, to nail down a wedding date. Learn all you can about the places you would like to tour by checking out their websites and social media to see if they have any specific requirements. Once you have booked a venue and chosen a date, if you have been eyeing a specific DJ or photographer who is very popular, and they fit within your budget, get a contract from them and then work your way from there.