Of course, all fairytales are beautiful – but the truth is that none will ever be as haunting, as full of teachings and as absolutely romantic as The Beauty and The Beast. There’s something utterly amazing about this love story that makes generation after generation come back to it and fall in love with it again, and again…

Having a wedding inspired by this beautiful fairytale is a truly gorgeous idea for someone who wants their Big Day to be fairytale-like, magical and full of uniqueness – but how do you do this? How do you create a wedding inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Fill the room with red roses. There’s no other flower more romantic, classier or deeper than this gorgeous bloom – and since it fits more than well into the wedding theme, you can definitely use it abundantly. From the centerpieces to the bouquet, the red rose should dominate as a motif at your wedding. Want to take it up a notch? Display a gorgeous red rose bloom in a glass dome – it will look amazing!

·       Take fashion advice from Belle. She’s a smart girl and she knows how to look beyond the appearances – so dressing up like her and “stealing” inspiration from her hair and makeup will be more than adequate. A stunning, suave off-the-shoulder dress inspired by the one Belle wore as she was dancing with her prince in disguise will look breathtaking on you!

·       The antique touches. Beast’s home was filled with old, beautiful elements – so bring this into your wedding décor too. Antique candle holders and elegant black candles, the motif of the mirror, antique clocks – they can all add so much to the entire ambiance created at the wedding!

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Photo credit: The Mill Photography