Central Texas Waterfront Lake Wedding Venues

Are you searching for Central Texas waterfront wedding venues that make it feel like you’ve been transported to a French countryside? Well, you might be a bit skeptical on whether or not that actually exists.

We’re ready to make a believer out of you by welcoming you to Ma Maison to see how we’re different from the other Central Texas lake wedding venues.


Hold your wedding at one of the most beautiful waterfront event venues in Central Texas

Ma Maison has created a sterling reputation thanks to our dedicated staff and our second-to-none facilities. We’ve received honors from a wide variety of organizations and trade publications and have been hailed as one of the premier waterfront wedding venues in Central Texas. The following is a little bit of information about our facility.

  • Ma Maison is a estate that acts as our reception space (The Great Hall) — we also feature three different outdoor sites that can facilitate your ceremony or serve as your cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception.
  • While other lake wedding venues in Central Texas that are located out in the country feature rustic accommodations, like a barn, Ma Maison is different. We boast classic, elegant, French-inspired décor that brings the perfect stylistic wrinkle to your special day.
  • Compare Ma Maison to comparable Central Texas waterfront wedding venues. We trust that you will notice the affordability and the value that we offer our clients. We want to deliver this elegant, high-end experience to brides and grooms of all walks of life.

It’s also important to work with Central Texas lake wedding venues that feature a passionate, motivated staff. Ma Maison is family-owned facility and boasts a team of hard-working staff members that will do everything possible to help you plan, and execute, your dream wedding.


Searching for Central Texas waterfront event venues?

Before you commit to any of the other Central Texas waterfront wedding venues, we invite you to tour the grounds at Ma Maison and see what we have to offer. We’re confident you will love the versatility and beauty that we provide.