Central Texas Destination Rustic Wedding

Welcome to Ma Maison, where we want to provide you with a high-end experience as one of the leading Central Texas destination wedding venues.

Are you and your spouse-to-be looking for a fun and unique destination in which to get married? While places like Hawaii, Cancun and even New York City or Chicago are common destinations, Austin, Texas has some great things to offer, as well — and for a far greater value!

And, as one of the few Central Texas rustic wedding venues that is located just minutes from the city, brides and grooms are able to get married in an elegant, European-inspired setting while enjoying all that Austin has to offer.


Why search for wedding venues in Central Texas?

As one of the most in-demand destination wedding venues in Central Texas, Ma Maison is no stranger to hosting brides and grooms from all around the country. As one of the greatest rustic wedding venues in Central Texas, Ma Maison provides the best of both worlds.

  • The peaceful serenity of the countryside. Central Texas wedding venues that take brides and grooms outside are a hot commodity because nature is so beautiful in this area. Ma Maison features 23 acres of strolling countryside that boasts three unique ceremony sites. You can enjoy strong, beautiful oak trees, a view of our lake or even the elegance of our old, reclaimed French gazebo.
  • Vibrant entertainment and nightlife. You and your guests will not be disappointed that you picked Ma Maison over other Central Texas destination wedding venues. We put you in direct proximity of Austin, which features great food, drink, music and more.


Treat yourself to one of the best of destination wedding venues in Central Texas

Also, unlike many Central Texas rustic wedding venues, we are located near the airport, making travel just a little easier on you and your guests.

See why we’re considered one of the premier Central Texas destination wedding venues by contacting our team for a consultation!