Your bridal shower should be about you, about your personality and about the things that make you unique – and fortunately, this also means that you are allowed to have the bridal shower you want without worrying too much about “traditional etiquette”.

What are some of the more modern bridal shower ideas your guests will truly love? We have gathered some suggestions to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

·       A dinner for everyone. Considering brides can have a “Man of Honor” or “bridesmen”, there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t have an all-genders dinner party instead of a traditional bridal shower. Throw a bash dinner party everyone and you are guaranteed to have a shower your guests will truly love!

·       Calligraphy classes. Romantic and somewhat unique, calligraphy is something not many people know a lot about. Why not give your bridal shower guests the opportunity to learn something new about this by organizing a calligraphy class for them? They will be more than appreciative of this!

·       Fun DIY projects. Gather your girls and start putting in action all those fun DIY pins. Homemade body scrubs and lip balms, paintings on the vases, unique handmade cards – they can all be more than fun, especially when more people gather for the same purpose. Organize a DIY party for your bridal shower guests and they will love the idea of leaving home with a shower favor made by their own hands!

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