Wine country inspired weddings have grown very popular – and here, at Ma Maison, we definitely understand why. We believe there’s something uniquely sophisticated and elegant about a winery-inspired wedding – and we also believe that, with attention to detail, the same vibes can be created outside of an actual winery too.

If you want to have a romantic wine country inspired wedding, remember that your color palette is absolutely crucial. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

·       The warm. Most of the wine country weddings are based on warm hues inspired by the summer sunsets. Oranges, yellows, reds – they can all intertwine to create a welcoming atmosphere for an outdoor wedding during the hot season. And they can all create that “winery” feeling we all love so much!

·       The cool. Combining warm colors with cooler hues can create a really special and sophisticated effect – just like the aforementioned summer sunset. Think of the blue and indigo tints you see in the sunset in a warm summer day and bring that into your wedding with cool, mysterious touches. Also, think of the lavender fields so fragranced and wild during the summer – they can also be gorgeously incorporated into your wedding!

·       The luxury. To create the same elegant and luxurious environment offered by a winery, we highly suggest you bring in some luxury touches too. A bit of gold, pearl and champagne touches can “upgrade” your wedding color scheme, making it more timeless, more stylish and more opulent.

Ma Maison is a stunning wedding venue that combines the charming appeal of a Southern house with the timeless elegance of a French mansion. Come visit us, allow yourself to be embraced by the amazing grace of our venue and book us for a fabulous wedding day!