Writing your own vows is a very good idea if you want your wedding ceremony to be truly personal and unique. Considering your vows are extremely important, you will definitely want to write them in a way that brings everyone to tears – but how to do that? What are some of the most important things to know about writing your own vows? We have gathered a couple of ideas right below – so read on and find out more.

·       Your love. This wedding is happening because you truly love each other – so remind your partner (and your guests) just how strongly you feel about this. A simple “I love you” can say more than an entire library of romantic poetry – so don’t be afraid to spell out these three magic words.

·       The others. People in happy marriages are thankful not only for each other, but for the amazing support they have received from the “exterior” as well. Religion, family, friends – these are elements you should definitely include in your wedding vows if you feel strongly about them and if you feel that they have supported your relationship (and that they will do the same for your future marriage too). 

·       The rules. The best thing about writing your wedding vows is that you set the rules of your marriage. Remind your loved one not only how happy you are for his/her presence in your life, but how willing you are to go through the bad times together as well. Tell him/her about your plan and how you will help him/her overcome the harsh things life may bring along!

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