Your wedding should be infused with who you are – your personality, the things you love and the things you believe in as a couple. Of course, everything at the wedding can be personalized – and your table identifiers make no exception from the rule.

What are some non-traditional, distinctive ways to identify the tables at the reception? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

1.       Meaningful numbers. Ditch the traditional chronological numbering in favor of numbers that mean something to you – such as the date you met or the date he proposed, for example.

2.       Photos. Are you more of a visual couple? Use photos from your relationship (or even photos from your parents’ weddings) to add a sweet, romantic and sentimental touch to the wedding.

3.       Nostalgic. If you and your loved one share the same “triggers of nostalgia” (such as the same shows or books you enjoyed as children), use them to mark your wedding tables. Lovely idea!

4.       Movies. Are you the kind of couple who really enjoys a good movie? Then why not bring this into your reception by naming the tables after your favorite movies as a couple?

5.       Famous couples. From Romeo and Juliet to more modern couples, there are plenty of love stories that are inspiring and moving. Bring them into your wedding by naming the tables after them!

6.       Wines. Planning a vineyard-inspired or rustic-chic wedding? Use empty wine bottles to mark the tables for your guests! A lovely, inexpensive and great-looking idea!

7.       Herbs. Believe it or not, herbs can also make for wonderful table identifiers. Use them to guide the guests to their assigned seats and you’ll add uniqueness and fragrance to your wedding reception.

8.       Location. Big travellers? Or just big romantics? Name your tables after the favorite places in the world – or the places that mean something for your relationship! Romantic and sentimental, this is an idea everyone will love!

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