Your wedding should be FUN! It should be unique, it should be really personal and it should be the most entertaining event your guests have ever attended! And while good food and great drinks do matter a lot, it is also important to provide your guests with other entertainment options too – such as some nice games.

What are some of the best wedding games to include in your reception and make it a genuinely unforgettable Ma Maison event? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

1.       Crossword puzzles. Create a wedding-inspired crossword puzzle and invite your guests to solve it. This is an all-time classic everyone will love!

2.       Mad Libs. Looking for a simple, yet fun game to help your guests break the ice? Mad Libs is a wonderful option, especially if you center it on your wedding and/or love story. Place one at each table and invite your guests to be creative when filling in the blanks!

3.       Board games. Regardless of what type of board games you love most, you can rest assured that your guests will love it too. Extra-tip: bring in some oversized board games for a good dose of “extra-fun”.

4.       Legos. Creative and fun, Legos will always be the kind of toy both children and adults love to play with. If you want to make your Legos more wedding-related, order bulk Legos in the colors of your wedding and encourage guests to get really creative with the blocks.

5.       Soap bubbles. Want to add a whimsical, magical touch to your wedding, offer guests soap bubble tools so that they can use them as you exit your wedding ceremony. It will be so beautiful and fun!

6.       Customized puzzle. Want to offer guests a creative, fun and personal wedding favor? Print out min-puzzles of your favorite photos and encourage everyone to solve them. It will be a lovely wedding activity!

7.       Dancing lessons. If you want to make sure your guests leave home with a huge smile on their faces, hire some dance instructors to show people some new steps. This will be entertaining and educational too!

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