You are surely more than excited for the upcoming Big Day – but are your guests sharing your enthusiasm too? After all, they will be the ones to witness your big “I Do” and they will be the ones to celebrate it with you – so you definitely want them to make for some really nice memories too.

How to wow your guests? How to make them feel genuinely excited for the approaching event? We have gathered some tips on this – so read on, find out more and inspire yourself!

·         Create beautiful invitations. Unless you send out Save the Date cards as well, your invitations will be the very first glimpse guests get into your wedding day. Make them unique, make them about your wedding style and make them beautiful!

·         Have an engagement photo shooting – and share some of the pictures with the guests. There’s nothing to appeal more to wedding guests than seeing what a wonderful couple you make. An engagement photo shooting will help you create some really fun and candid pictures (and you can even include them in your Save the Date cards and/or invitations if you want to add a personal touch).

·         Have a wedding website. It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3 to set up a wedding website – and it’s a great place to share some “teasers” too. A picture of your centerpiece, a corner of the ceremony aisle or a mysterious shot of your wedding hairstyle can make your guests feel really curious about the upcoming event.

·         Ask them to tell you their favorite song. Include some special space in the RSVPs for your guests to write in their favorite song. Then, make sure it is included in the wedding playlist. This will ensure everyone has fun with the music at your wedding!

·         Keep it in good spirits. Yes, we know wedding planning can get really tough. But avoid at all costs complaining about it on Facebook and Twitter. Nobody wants to see the “dark side of the bride”, so keep the bad moments to yourself, to your fiancé and to your closest friends and relatives.

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