If you want to have a New Year’s Eve wedding, you surely want it to be genuinely unforgettable and absolutely unique as well. But what are the absolute must-haves for a New Year’s Eve wedding? What are the things you should definitely have if you plan on having a wedding at the bridge between the years?

We have gathered some ideas – so read on, find out more and inspire yourself to create a remarkably beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding.

·         The glam cake. The cake is always a central element of any wedding. However, considering the fact that your New Year’s Eve wedding will be a double-celebration, you need to have a cake that rises up to the occasion. Glam your cake up with glitter, metallic shades and a truly opulent design and your guests will love it!

·         The sparklers. What is New Year’s without sparklers? Offer your guests sparklers to light up and hold as you exit your wedding ceremony and it will all look so gorgeous in the pictures!

·         The fun props. Provide your guests with “Happy New Year” hats, oversized glasses and other fun props that are connected to your wedding theme. When the clock strikes 12, they can all shoot some really celebratory photos.  

·         The glamorous bridesmaids. Make sure your bridesmaids’ dresses are really opulent and beautiful, so that they can feel really gorgeous. We suggest metallic shades (to match with the cake and the other wedding elements) – they are luxurious and they can make any woman feel truly glamorous.

·         The champagne tower. Make your Big Day really unforgettable by having a proper champagne tower at midnight. It will look amazing and it will add to that great feeling of “celebration in the true sense of the word”. 

Here at Ma Maison, we are ready to accommodate your beautiful wedding ideas – so come visit our superbly elegant venue in Texas and book us for a magical wedding day! Both you and your guests will love what we have to offer!