If you have been chosen to plan your friend’s bridal shower, you surely feel honored by this. But you also feel that this is a huge responsibility and you want to make sure everything is absolutely flawless for this hugely important pre-wedding event.

For example, have you thought of bridal shower favors? If not, here are some edible ideas that will surely be appreciated by everyone at the party:


·       Marshmallows infused with lemon and rosemary. Marshmallows are always a nice treat – but if you want to make them more special, infuse them with lemon and rosemary flavors. Everyone will love the idea!

·       Hot chocolate mixes in mason jars. With winter on its way, everyone’s looking for ways to warm up – and what could be more heart-melting than a good cup of hot chocolate? Offer hot chocolate mix jars with marshmallows and guests will love the idea!

·       Pumpkin butter. The ultimate fall dessert, this sweet treat is a really amazing idea if you plan on throwing the bridal shower in the next few months. Guests will find it more than delicious!

·       Flower lollipops. Looking to add a feminine touch to the bridal shower favors? Infuse some sugar and some edible flowers together to create transparent lollipops with blooms incorporated inside. They will look fantastic!

·       Cupcake in a jar. This is a great idea if you know the bride loves cupcakes, but if you also want to add a more unique twist to this already-traditional party favors. Just fill some mason jars with layers of cake and frosting and people will definitely love this small, sweet gift! 

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Photo credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography