Your wedding is going to be absolutely amazing. Glamorous, elegant and unique, everything about this Big Day in your life will handpicked with careful attention to detail. Surely, you want all the elements of the wedding day to beautifully come together in a splendid event everyone will enjoy.

What happens after the wedding though? What happens with the flowers, the food, the dress, and all the other minute details you’ve worked so hard for? We have gathered 3 ways you can use to recycle your wedding items – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       Sell them. Your dress, your wedding décor, your wedding favors, and many other items can be sold online on websites that intermediate between former brides and future brides. This is an excellent idea if you want to partially recover your money and help another bride plan a budget-friendly, gorgeous wedding.

·       Donate them. Want to do a very nice gesture for people in need? There are so many wedding items that can be donated? Your food can be re-directed to a food shelter nearby, your flowers can be donated to hospitals and nursing homes, and even your dress can be offered to a relative, a friend, or simply a bride who would really appreciate it.

·       Make them “recyclable” from the very beginning. If you want to avoid waste of any kind, double-purpose some wedding items. For example, did you know there are wedding invitations that can be planted? Or have you ever considered offering small pots of succulents or flowers as wedding favors? These items won’t cost much more, but they will definitely mean less waste for the planet!

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Photo credit: Mint Photography