Your bridesmaids are so important to you! These beautiful ladies are the friends and relatives you have chosen to help you with planning the Big Day, the witnesses that will stand by you as you spell out the two magic words and the beauties who will help you entertain your guests and keep everyone happy during the reception.

Naturally, your bridesmaids deserve an honored place in your heart – and in your wedding album too. What are the 3 types of pictures you should definitely shoot with your bridesmaids, though? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·         The candid, yet fun photo with the Maid of Honor. She is the one you have chosen to be the most important lady of your bridal party – so you will surely want to capture the beautiful relationship that connects the two of you. Think of how you are when you are near one another and shoot pictures that are representative of that – you will definitely love the results!

·         A “First Look”, but with your special ladies. Of course, they are the ones who helped you get ready – but the moment they see you all dolled up and ready to step down the aisle will be magical. Talk to your photographer and make sure he/she captures this very special moment – it will be more than worth it!

·         The photo that tells your story. Want to add a truly special photo to the album? Ask your bridesmaids to write down a message on a chalkboard (e.g. how you met). This will make for a beautiful memory and it will talk about the special relationship you have with each and every one of these lovely ladies.

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Photo credit: Mint Photography