Yesterday was the first day of fall and even though it doesn’t feel like it with this Texas heat we all know that the winter season is just around the corner (along with Thanksgiving, YUM)! Believe it or not, we’re expecting to have quite a chilly winter season thanks to El Niño, so enjoy this warm weather while it lasts! For those planning to have a wedding this winter, don’t worry we’ve got just the things you’ll need to make your wedding guests feel cozy and warm! 

1. Egg Nog Cocktail

Who doesn’t like egg nog during the winter? Just add some booze and you’ve got the perfect cocktail for your wedding!

2. Blankets

You can’t go wrong with giving your guests a blanket as a gift for coming! It’s both cute and useful!


Bring the outdoors inside and use some woodsy decor for your wedding!

4. Lots of candles

And of course you must use lots of candles! Candlelight creates such a cozy atmosphere, which is exactly what you need at a winter wedding!


Oh Baby! If it’s going to be as cold as they say it will, then you definitely need a hot cocoa bar!


There’s nothing better than eating comfort food during the winter season. Choose foods like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and anything wrapped in bacon!


Gloves make a great wedding favor, especially if you’re planning to have your ceremony outside!


S’more bars are trending even now when it’s hot! And check out these adorable custom made marshmallows!

9. COAT check

A coat check is a must-need for any winter wedding! Not only does it prevent huge piles of coats on chairs, but it’ll also help prevent your guests from getting them dirty with ooey gooey s’more!


Ornaments make a great wedding favor and memento. Whether you want to make custom ornaments or just buy cute ones from Etsy, these favors will keep the memory of your wedding last forever!

If you’re having a winter wedding, take advantage of the cold weather and use these things to make your wedding as cozy and lovely as can be!